Why JurisPlanet?

As solo practitioners, the founders of JurisPlanet absolutely understand the importance of having an online presence.  In most markets, a majority of people are now finding legal services through search engines like Google.  There are a wide variety of companies out there that provide SEO and SEM services for law firms.  Many of the companies have the same thing in common: they provide some services for a very high cost.  At JurisPlanet, we recognize that many startup firms just don’t have the cash flow to invest huge amounts of money into law firm SEO without first seeing results.
We also recognize that, as a result of the high cost of law firm SEO/SEM services, many people turn to non-SEO specialized sources for website creation.  You may think to turn to your brother who knows how to build websites or your cousin’s best friend who has a computer science degree.  They’ll do it for a very low rate (or even for free) and you can get a nice looking website with little to no cost.  The problem is in those situations, you may get a nice looking website but no one will ever see it.  Your cousin’s best friend may know how to build code but has no idea how to get you on the first page of google for “Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Phoenix DUI Lawyer.” 
In the current marketplace for law firm websites, that leaves the solo practitioner or small firm partner with two undesirable options: spend potentially thousands of dollars a month or year at a big SEO company or take the low cost route and never get any hits.
It is that dynamic that has inspired us to create JurisPlanet.  Our goal is to provide a middle option to solo practitioners and small firms.  We create high quality, optimized websites without costing you half of your operating budget.
We design websites with your input.  We teach our clients how to create high quality, searchable content to organically build their law firm SEO platform.  We offer ghost-writing services for firms who want to completely outsource its law firms marketing.  We also offer assistance with building up social media platforms to strengthen your overall web profile, including consultation on how to get the most out of lawyer rating websites like avvo.
For law firm SEO and SEM, the goal is to generate business without breaking your budget.  JurisPlanet is a full service marketing company that does just that.  We provide solos and small firms with a middle option in the legal SEO market.  Contact us today for a personalized assessment of your law firm marketing needs and goals.  We can tailor a plan that both fits your budget and gives helps you achieve your online marketing objectives.